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Pet Odor Removal

Bad odor or smell can be a big irritation not only for household members but for your guests. Our deodorization service is a perfect way of getting rid of such odors or irritating elements in your home.

Pro Carpet Cleaner specializes in odor removal from bad food spills to more soiled pet urine or stains. Our deodorizing service is most effective when taken along with our cleaning service. Remember thorough cleaning in terms of stain removal, and odor removal can prove to be a perfect upgrade to your home. As an experienced carpet cleaning company, we are well aware of the various odors and stains that your carpet, upholstery or rugs can carry.

Another challenging odor problem that you might face is from water damage or old water sitting around. You should be aware that if untreated water leaks are present or water has been standing anywhere for more than 24 hours, there could be potential for mold, fungi, and other air born micro bacteria. So if you have any accident or water standing please call us and we can take care of this problem as soon as possible.

We use only the most expensive, industry proven.


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